It is especially difficult for Dallas restaurants right now. Yes, they can still deliver and offer take-out, even when the Shelter-In-Place order begins at midnight, but it’s still going to be tough. When adversity comes though, always “look for the helpers,” as Mr. Rogers would often say. And we’ve got plenty of helpers in Dallas.

Hospital workers and first responders are working tirelessly right now. Now, Dallas restaurants who have been facing their own struggles are trying to help them by offering discounts and low cost meals. Read on to learn more, and how you can help get involved with their efforts.

Pecan Lodge

Diane and Justin Fourton, owners of Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum, have started a non-profit organization in the wake of the coronavirus (you can read the wonderful story behind it here). Called Dinner Bell Dallas, the non-profit will provide low cost, high quality meals to individuals and families in need as well as healthcare workers and first responders in our community on the front lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dinner Bell Dallas will focus on home delivery of meals to support families with parents working as emergency first responders or healthcare workers directly caring for those suffering from COVID-19. They’ll also offer boxed lunches and catering support for businesses and government entities tasked with feeding emergency personnel and operations staff. Finally, the new non-profit will work to create low cost meal options for the general public through various distribution points located throughout the City of Dallas and surrounding areas.


The Rustic
Dallas restaurant The Rustic will now donate a second sandwich for every Hot Chicken & Cheese Sandwich donated to a hospital worker. (Courtesy of The Rustic)

The Rustic

On Sunday, co-owner of FreeRange Concepts, Kyle Noonan, took to Instagram to announce that every purchase of The Rustic’s   hot chicken sandwich will be matched and donated to hospital workers.

“Beginning today, through next Sunday, March 29, we urge anyone living in DFW, Houston and San Antonio – as well as people all across the country – to call in to donate a Hot Chicken & Cheese Sandwich for a hospital worker. For every sandwich purchased, The Rustic will match it. It’s that simple; no fine print. Order lunch for one hospital worker, and we’ll feed two of them. If 500 sandwiches are ordered for these amazing men and women this week, 1,000 will be donated.”

Once they get 1,000 orders, Noonan will share the Dallas restaurant’s recipe for the Hot Chicken & Cheese Sandwich, so you can make your own at home. Each costs $14.95, plus tax. To donate, call 214-730-0596.


Terry Black’s BBQ Dallas
Austin-based Terry Black’s Barbecue has debuted in Deep Ellum. (Courtesy of Terry Black’s)

Terry Black’s Barbecue

For the month of March, Terry Black’s Barbecue is offering 30 percent off of pickup, delivery, or catering orders to healthcare professionals, first responders and essential service providers. For delivery orders, the Dallas restaurant requests one day’s notice, as most of their meats take 24 hours to prepare.

Cafe Momentum

Cafe Momentum is delivering meals to families experiencing food insecurity and is asking for $25 donations to provide four meals to a family of four. Stand Together Foundation will be matching every donation dollar to allow Cafe Momentum to continue providing support “for the interns during these uncertain times.”

Also, starting on March 27 through the next month, Cafe Momentum is transforming their restaurant into a food hub to put together 16,000 meals each week for families in need. Staff will build meals for food-insecure students and their families in their community. They’ll start by providing Richardson ISD 1,000 boxes, each containing 16 meals per family, to be delivered to 11 apartment complexes where students attend RISD schools. Donate here.


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