At first, it sounds like a joke. And maybe not a funny one: A Hall of Fame broadcaster, some post-release juvenile offenders, an award-winning chef and a songwriter walk into a restaurant …

But it’s not a joke; it’s the basis for Eric Nadel’s Sunday Supper Concert Series at Cafe Momentum, a monthly event that merges a multicourse dinner with an intimate musical performance, all in the name of helping young people receive vocational training on their way to a better future.

The heartbeat of Cafe Momentum is its workers, teenagers who have been incarcerated on non-violent charges and are seeking a second chance. The money from these Sunday Suppers helps support the organization’s mission of providing professional experience, social support and mentoring through its 12-month paid post-release internship program.

Nadel, the Hall of Fame radio broadcaster for the Texas Rangers, has been known around town for his passion for music and charitable causes. And as it turns out, he’s a fan of Chad Houser, the founder, CEO and executive chef of downtown Dallas restaurant Cafe Momentum.