Café Momentum Dallas

Momentum Society Members

Abbie Barton and JD Young

Alex Macfarlane

Alicia Schroeder

Aly and Colin Allred

Amy Hegi

Angie and Jeremy Carpenter

Anonymous (3)

Ashlee and Chris Kleinert

Baird Foundation

Barbara and Ralph Babb

Beth and Chuck Thoele

Beth and Tom Montgomery

Beverly Goulet

Bob Baillargeon

Brandon Webb

Brian Ratner

Carol and Don Glendenning

Carol and John Levy

Carol and Kevin March

Caroline Harrison

Carolyn Carlson

Carolyn and David Miller

Carolyn and Jere Thompson

Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

Carolyn and Ken Barth

Carrie and John Morgridge

Cecilia and Garrett Boone

Charisse Smith

Cheryl Huff and Frank Johnson

Cheryl and Clint Rodenfels

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

Cortney and Matthew Marsh

David Hernandez

David and Dawn Zierk

Deb Sorelle and Brian Lindley

Debra and Ken Von Storch

Deedie Rose

Della and Bob Best

Diane Murphy

Diane and Hal Brierley

Dirk Nowitzki Foundation

Don McDermott

Donna and Paul Herchman

Elizabeth Wahlquist

Ellen and John McStay

Ellie and Scott Boxer

Emily and Jack Stout

Evangeline Ordinario

Gail Bohdan and Richard Rudnicki

Gail and Bill Plummer

Gary Williams

Gigi Gartner

Gordon Huddleston

Grace and Stanley Smith

Gwen and Doug Parker

Hannah Koski and Chad Houser

Helen Lakelly Hunt

Jamie and Kent Capps


Jennier and Mark Gunnin

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Sampson

Jennifer and Peter Altabef

Jenny Ecklund and Elizabeth Myers

Julie and Chuck Quaid

Julie and Greg Leftwich

Kaitlyn Zigrang

Karen Giles

Katherine Lyle

Kathi and Chris Child

Kathryn and William Stuart

Kathryne Bishop

Kay and Rod Tyler

Kelly and Gerald Ford

Kristi Bernstein

Kristy and Raymond Faus

Lana and John Antos

Laura Fox

Laura and Steve Holden

Laurie and Craig Adams

Leah and Jim Pasant

Leah and Ryan Robinson

Leigh Sansone

Linda Williams

Lisa Simmons

Lottye and Bobby Lyle

Lynne Stokes

Mackenzie and Tyler Kleinert

Margaret and Chad Windham

Mary Anne Cree*

Mary Carroll

Mary Jalonick

Mary Kathryn Bass

Mary McDermott Cook

Megan and Casey McManemin

Melinda and James Johnson

Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt

Nancy and Randy Best

Paige Burton

Pamela Osborne

Patricia Villareal and Tom Leatherbury

Peggy Dear

Rebecca and Paul Ordinario

Renee and Jeff George

Rosemarie Marshall and Lee Wilkins

Sally and Forrest Hoglund

Sammye and Mike Myers

Sarah Losinger

Shelly and Frank Markey

Sheree and Gary Sutton

Susan Stone

Susan and Stephen Butt

Susan and Steve Hogg

Suzy and Lawrence Gekiere

Tammy and Timothy Hughes

Thompson Coburn LLC

Wade Owens

Wendy Whittington and Fred Duffy