10:36 AM on Mar 23, 2020

Like all of you, I’m struggling to navigate the blind corner after blind corner that the coronavirus is throwing down as it cuts through our lives.

Each time panic starts to creep in, what most steadies me is contemplating who I want to be in the midst of this crisis. I am determined that physical distancing — and its evil twin, our unhinged competition for food, safety and even toilet paper — will not limit my heart.

That’s why, as we begin another interminable week, I’m focusing on this: Pandemics are always toughest on those who live on the margins, the most invisible among us whose stories rarely show up in our Facebook feeds or lead the nightly newscasts.

Right now, 35 of those vulnerable local folks — all of them teens still employed, however tenuously, by Café Momentum in downtown Dallas — are modeling the way to best live in this terrible time. They don’t have time to worry about their own futures because they are too busy creating meal kits for needy school kids and their families.
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