At-risk youth are known to experience particularly high levels of stress on a daily basis. The current phase of Café Momentum’s development is the construction of a service center that will offer additional resources for interns, including academic support, private therapy, exercise classes, emergency clothing, snacks, and hygiene products. The center will serve as a private home base for the interns and will expand the program’s influence beyond restaurant hours. It will be a safe haven for interns, more than 60% of which are homeless.  Recently, Café Momentum signed a lease with the city to house its service center in an abandoned underground tunnel below Thanksgiving Square and adjacent to the restaurant.

The Leadership Arts Class of 2019 heard about this and proposed an installation for the Café Momentum Service Center with the purpose of lowering stress and providing an atmosphere of well-being.  Café Momentum was excited to partner with LAI and Leadership Arts Institute’s Dallas Class of 2019 is currently raising funds for the construction of an artwork utilizing cutting-edge light and design technology at Café Momentum’s new Community Services Center. The artwork will employ diurnal lighting and natural elements to create an optimal environment for the youth served by Café Momentum.

An opening reception to thank donors and attract new community partners will be held on April 30th, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Donations are being accepted for this special project. A donation of $75 or more is being thanked with an invite to the reception. Donate here!