Four Dallas folks will be featured in a campaign by Lay’s, in which their faces will appear on potato chips bags.

The four include a breast cancer survivor, a dentist, a mentor, and a chef.

They’re part of a campaign by Plano-based Lay’s to spotlight people who were nominated because they are “actively spreading joy.” According to a release, 30 people in total were selected by Lay’s to appear on millions of new potato chip bags that are dropping in store shelves this month – with up to $1 million in proceeds benefiting Operation Smile.

Actually, it’s not really their faces so much as their teeth. The image includes the bottom half of their faces only, IE their smiles. So joyous.

The recipients are officially identified by first name and last initial only, as follows, but if you know your way around charitable endeavors, it’s not hard to figure out who’s who:

  • APRIL S., Dallas: April and her organization, Breast Cancer Can Stick It!, have raised awareness and nearly $300,000 in funds to fight breast cancer through music-minded events that were fueled by her experience as a breast cancer survivor and professional drummer.
  • CHAD H., Dallas: Chad is the founder and CEO of Momentum Advisory Co. and Café Momentum, an award-winning restaurant that also serves as a 12-month internship program for juvenile offenders, helping over 900 young men and women achieve their full potential.
  • DR. DANE, Dallas: Inspired by her own immigrant story, Dr. Dane has a passion for giving back. She is creating smiles in her community and abroad through local philanthropy and providing dental care for children around the world with Operation Smile.
  • BOLA I., Plano: A self-proclaimed “youth enthusiast,” Bola has turned her passion into action, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirits of 800 young women and providing over 150 underserved students with passports and travel grants to help them expand their horizons.

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