“A trailblazing Dallas food truck has changed its mission and formed a partnership with one of the city’s most renowned restaurants.

Formerly called Ruthie’s Rolling Café, the new Ruthie’s Fueled by Café Momentum will partner with Café Momentum, serving as a mobile extension and furthering its mission to provide at-risk youth opportunities for job training, employment, and mentorship.

One of the first food trucks in Dallas, Ruthie’s mission has always been to provide exceptional service and quality comfort food to impact its local community and nonprofit organizations. Their specialty is gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made fresh-to-order.

Ruthie’s founder, Ashlee Kleinert, says in a statement that she’s honored to partner with and work alongside Café Momentum chef and founder Chad Houser and the entire team.

“Through our partnership, we are dedicated to providing our city’s youth stable employment, a living wage, and the training and support they need to make a lasting impact on their communities and lives,” Kleinert says. “We are looking forward to working with Café Momentum to build a better community together.”

Café Momentum serves youth through an internship program that naturally weaves into the fabric of their lives, creating an environment that supports and cares for their whole self.”

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