These are very unusual times (to say the least) and we are honored that members of our city have reached out to us with concerns over our community’s food insecurities during the city-wide school closures.

At the same time, we also need to ensure we are providing income, a safe space, and our ecosystem of support to the young men and women we serve — now more than ever. As restaurants are closed to the public, we have had to reimagine how our business model can work and continue to maintain our important hours of influence with our interns.

Until the school closures are lifted, we are transforming our restaurant into a food hub where we’ll be building meal kits for food-insecure students and their families in our community. This act of service not only provides relief to those in need and positively supports Café Momentum’s mission – it also provides an opportunity for our young men and women to be good neighbors and contributing members of their community.

To accomplish our goals, we’re launching Momentum E.A.T.s, a campaign to raise funds to build the meal kits and support the young men and women of Café Momentum.

*** In the event food distribution through Momentum E.A.T.s is no longer needed for food-insecure students and their families, any remaining funds will be designated to support the Café Momentum Internship Program. ***